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The bane of every project manager’s existence: Failure tickets. As software releases reach the customer, these tickets tend to multiply, especially when the development process lacks a solid structure that incorporates requirements and work items. The result? An overloaded development team struggling to prioritize amidst the mounting tasks. Fear not, for our expertise lies in navigating the challenges of failure management. We are well-versed in various ticket tracking systems, including JIRA, IBM Engineering Workflow Management (ELM), and MKS Inc. PTC Integrity Workflow (Engineering Lifecycle Management). Rest assured, we handle these powerful tools with finesse, ensuring seamless project management.

Proper failure management demands a meticulous approach.

We efficiently prioritize the crucial tickets for each software sprint, identify areas requiring improvement in terms of availability, ensure the right ticket assignments based on responsibility, and offer clear and comprehensive progress reporting.

Collaborate with us to streamline your failure management process and experience a more agile and productive project execution.

Let our proficiency in handling these systems and our dedication to efficient management help your team conquer the challenges of failure tickets, ensuring smoother development cycles and customer satisfaction.